Celery: Health benefits, nutrition and diet.

Celery is a crunchy watery stick vegetable. We only seem to be able to eat with dips or in juice , but it certainly has its health benefits. Most of us are probably under the false impression that this vegetables just water and some fiber without any nutritional value. This vegetable actually loaded with significant amounts of vitamin A, E, C, K, calcium, magnesium and potassium . It’s anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant benefits enhance the immune system and intercellular communication .

Weight loss 

Celery is low in calories .One stock is only 10 to 15 calories and its fiber content of 1.6gm per cup can put a stop to unhealthy cravings. Celery is so low in calories it’s a great snack alternative. Instead of munching out on crunchy calorie heavy chips substitute them with celery this way you can avoid going over your daily calorie limit.

Higher levels of hydration 

Celery is 95% water ,it’s a great way to prevent dehydration. When you make it a frequent snack throughout your day there are all sorts of health benefits associated with hydration. This includes increased energy, improved complexion and a healthier of human system in more.


Adding celery to your diet reduces risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer as it helps in preventing chronic inflammation which is a condition that is closely related to these diseases .

Stop heartburn and acid reflux 

Celery has been recommended as a solution for these conditions because of its low acidic levels .

Improves cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Chemical found in celery  reduce cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure .

Improve digestion

People who suffer from stomach problems and constipation know the importance of including fiber into their diet. Celery’s fiber content can help you keep your bowel movements healthy . It can reduce the risk of ulcers related to the stomach lining.

Eyes healthy 

Vitamin A is one of the main vitamins found in celery. It is known as a most capable vitamin of protecting the cornea and treating dry eyes.

UTI treatment  

Celery is a common and effective way to treat UT i’s. Celery has a direct effect so it helps to expel water without losing to much potassium .

Boost male fertility 

Eating celery has been found to increase a man’s sperm count. It’s  aphrodisiac properties also creates a healthy environment for sperm to mature .


Celery is more than a snack full of water and fiber. Including it in your daily diet is a great way to improve your overall health.

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