Coffee v/s Chocolate: Which one is best for your skin & hair health?

Many of us start their day with a cup of coffee and end it with a piece of dark chocolate.

Lets discuss about some reasons why something typically referred to as junk food or addiction might be slightly more healthy than people give it credit for . There are potential health benefits you can expect it from eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate or drinking coffee on your skin and hair. High quality dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants ,iron,  fiber ,copper, manganese, magnesium and other minerals. Coffee is loaded with  antioxidants as well.

Caffeine a prime element in coffee and chocolate has the power to not only really you from stress but also act as an immense energy booster. Whenever we think about including these two things in the diet ,one thing comes to our mind is caffeine content .Generally, 30 gms  of dark chocolate contains about 20mg of caffeine whereas  the average cup of coffee has approximately 80 to 155 mg of caffeine.

Skin Benefits

Benefits of dark chocolate aren’t only relegated to the inside of your body turns out yours external organs can benefit from cocoa as well. Specifically talking about Skin , the flavanols present  in content of dark chocolate can benefit your skin in a variety of ways such as improving blood flow to the skin ,increasing skin density allowing for better skin hydration and yes even protecting your skin against damage from the sun .This is believed to be because the compounds found within dark chocolate increase the threshold for your minimal erythemal dose or MED which is the minimal amount of UVB rays that are required to cause your skin to turn red 24 hours after exposure. If you’re planning on having lots of fun in the Sun this summer snacking on a bit of dark chocolate might not be about idea. To avail maximum health benefits of dark chocolate choose it with cocoa content of 70-80% and eat in moderation.

Coffee contains polyphenols which are beneficial for protection against ultraviolet rays and it acts as antiaging for some signs of aging linked to sun exposure. However consumption of too much coffee will give you dehydration  resulting in dull and wrinkled skin.

High quality and freshly compound beans can be used as acne fighting facial scrub because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It will clear away the dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Hair Benefits

Caffeine works very fast on your brain cells thereby circulating your blood vessel in a positive manner . Coffee can help you with hair growth.Coffee is loaded with several components that have the ability to stimulate your cells in a proactive way .Antioxidants to get healthy hair cells. Coffee contains high level antioxidant that is responsible for stimulating the production of healthy cells in the scalp. Moreover it also helps in protecting the hair cells so that your tresses stay safe from damages, especially from ultra Violet rays of sun .
Opt for darker coffee beans such as espresso and French roast in order to get the maximum benefits of antioxidants .

Both coffee and dark chocolate prevents frequent hair fall. Caffeine is a great source to reproduce hair follicles healthily and strongly. Being a stimulator in hair growth, caffeine is also good in preventing hair fall problems in a short period.

You can also use coffee as a nourishing hair pack. If coffee is applied in the right amount it has the power to penetrate deep in the hair roots, nourish the follicles and gives significant hair growth.


All of this means you can have both of these in your diet for healthy skin and hair but in moderation.

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