Late Night Snacking


Late-night snacking on high-calorie unhealthy food items may lead to weight gain and also makes you feel bloated and regretful in the morning. If you want to eat late-night snack please stick to these 2 rules 1st It should be under 200 calories . Secondly, drink a glass of water first and wait for at least 20 minutes before you start snacking this will allow your brain to register whether you are hungry or just dehydrate. 

Here are few under 100 calories nutritious  snack options which can be prepared by people who doesn’t know cooking:

1) Frozen Yogurt Ice-cream:

Frozen yogurt ice-cream( 1 popsicle-40 Cal ) -Blend 50gms of frozen banana ,150 gms of strawberries or any other fruit of your choice,200gms of Greek or low fat yogurt and 1 tsp of goji berries .Place the mixture into 6 popsicle moulds and freeze overnight.

2) Smoothie:

Smoothie (100 Cal )-Take 100 gm Yogurt and 1/4 cup fruits. Mix it with 1 tsp of honey.

3) Apple slice with peanut butter:

Apple slice with peanut butter(136cal )- A medium apple is 98cal and 2 tablespoons peanut butter is around 38 calories

4) Mashed bananas topped with pumpkin seeds:

Mashed bananas topped with pumpkin seeds(110 Cal) – This combination of a medium banana and 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds prepares your body for sleep.

5) Hot chocolate milk:

Hot chocolate milk(98cal) -Mix 1 cup of unsweetened soya milk with 1 tsp of cocoa powder.

6) Other:

Other healthy snacks for late-night are whole fruits, nuts, popcorn, homemade snack bar and egg.


Avoid high-fat greasy food, caffeine, alcohol, starchy food and energy drinks.

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