Women’s Day Questionnaire (Short answers)

Q1) What is your wellness philosophy?

ANS- According to me, wellness involves your physical, social, emotional and intellectual health. I enjoy my life in every moment. My approach to food is to eat balanced meals in moderation. I try to stay active to boost my metabolism and deal with stress by not overthinking on small things. I keep an active involvement in everything I do whether it’s work, relations or leisure time. For complete wellness stay happy and invest time in becoming your best version.

Q2) Your success mantra?

ANS- I always look ahead, with a smile. I have an optimistic approach towards everything I do and tend to do. I always keep a
scope of learning. I focus on things that can help me to become a better individual. My motto in life is to transform people towards their well being. I think to keep evolving yourself with time is very important.

Q3) A lesson you learned from making a mistake?

ANS- Don’t underestimate yourself as nothing is impossible. Keep trying until you get the
success. Always be thankful for all you have been blessed with and look back with deep
gratitude for how far you have come .

Q4) Any piece of advice for all the women out there?

ANS- Never think negative and love yourself .Don’t let insecurity creep in. Be everyone and focus on your goal. Women’s tend to take care of every one around them but fails to take care of themselves. So, ladies this time start loving yourself too.

Q5) What has been your biggest pride as a doyenne? (the most respected or prominent
woman in a particular field)

ANS- Words of appreciation I got by helping people out there to look at the bright side and stepping forward towards their better version

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